Evaluation of occupational exposure to magnetic fields and motor neuron disease mortality in a population-based cohort

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine , Vol. 53 (12) Dec 2011

Lauren Parlett, Joseph Bowman, and Edwin van Wijngaarden

Tags Occupational Epidemiology | Motor Neuron Disease | Magnetic Fields


Objective: Epidemiologic evidence for the association between electromagnetic fields and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the most common form of motor neuron disease (MND), has been inconclusive. We evaluated the association between electromagnetic fields and MND among workers in occupations potentially exposed to magnetic fields Methods: MND mortality (ICD-9 335.2) was examined in the National Longitudinal Mortality Study using multivariable proportional hazards models. Occupational exposure to magnetic fields was determined on the basis of a population-based job-exposure matrix. Age at entry, education, race, sex, and income were considered for inclusion as covariates Results: After adjusting for age, sex, and education, there were no increased risks of MND mortality in relation to potential magnetic field exposure, with hazard ratios around the null in all magnetic field exposure quartiles Conclusions: Our study does not provide evidence for an association between magnetic field exposure and MND mortality.